All News Waste Away – Annie Acoustic version [ 1st May 2020 ]

Waste Away – Annie Acoustic version

An acoustic Drunktank song performed by Annie Acoustic?! This must be an evil scheme by our nemesis, Dr. Pikey. He knows our dislike of singer-songwriter music, so this plot is wicked to say the least.

But to be honest, we have to admit: this song turned out pretty damn cool!

We will have to hit back hard with something furious to defeat Dr. Pikey and his troupe of evil villains, including his newest creation Annie Acoustic. Stay tuned…

Vocals, piano and bass by Annie Acoustic a.k.a. Sarah Ockhuysen
Guitar by Sander Bus

Mixed & Mastered by WD Glashouwer
Artwork by Benjamin Paulus            


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Waste Away – Annie Acoustic version