All News Reviews on Return of The Infamous Four [ 24th Sep 2019 ]

Reviews on Return of The Infamous Four

We got some amazing reviews on our album Return of The Infamous Four.

Highlights taken from reviews on Return of The Infamous Four:

“(Skate Punk) Album of the year material right here” Drunktank have churned-out an album with no real filler Iron Maiden appreciation with fast melodic fist-pumping Skate Punk”. Ear Nutrition (UK) 10/10

“Drunktank’s new record is just a melodic punk masterpiece and for sure a firm candidate for the record of the year!”  Kraykulla (Croatia) 10/10

“From one to ten, Return Of The Infamous Four is blowing up all the scales with radness” Thoughts Words Action (Serbia) 10/10

“They’re possibly one of the most interesting melodic hardcore acts in all Holland, if not Europe, cleverly mixing 90s skatepunk in pure Fat Wreck fashion with 80s heavy metal, which seems to come right out of “The number of the beast”. The result? A fast-paced, melodic and technically outstanding record “   RadioPunk (Italy) 9/10

“With these 10 tracks full of 90’s skatepunk with a hint of 80’s metal, you’ll get some smile on your face, induced by this master piece full of riffs and fast drums.” Punk Rock Mag (Costa Rica) 9/10

“Return of the Infamous Four struck me like a lightning. I’ve been listening to it for a week and it seems like I can’t stop! When I’m talking about punk rock, this is EXACTLY what I want to hear: melodic, fast, aggressive and technical sound, epic vocals and back vocals with intelligent lyrics.” Punkrock Avenue (Canada) 8.8/10

 “One of the dangers of playing skatepunk is the lack of diversity. Lesser bands tend to play a full album at one speed, making a whole album sound a bit samey. Drunktank avoids this pitfall by adding different doses of metal in every song. This way, even though this is a fast album, the album sounds diverse”.   Scene Point Blank (USA) 8,5/10

“Drunktank hits you by mixing metal with skatepunk with heavy riffage, high speed and a lot of melody”  The Warped Radio (Japan) 4/5 stars